Triple KC Training Consultants is an event hosting and training company that delivers a broad range of skills and knowledge, Intensive learning programmes, skills programmes and courses are presented by professionals in the industry and academia.

Our Mission

We offer great, high-quality products and excellent service! It is our mission to exceed all of our customers needs. Dedication to that mission is one big reason why almost all of our customers come back to us.

Our Vision

Continued development of South Africans and Africans at all levels of the private and public sectors and always serving the client.


We have been awarded full accreditation as a partner under Pseta with All Sorts 108 Skills Development(PTY)LTD.Furthermore, Triple KC Training Consultants actively pursues excellence within our business processes. We are an equal opportunity employer and a BEE-compliant organisation, currently graded as a Level 1 contributor.

Our Skills Development Policy empowers our staff so that they can succeed in any operational or management position within the Company.

The Triple KC team of experts has a collective experience in training and development facilitation.

All our facilitators are approachable, professional and experts in their fields, with experience in a wide range of industry sectors. As a leading provider of professional services through the delivery of accredited training courses, we are committed to helping you get the most from your management systems. And at Triple KC, we are passionate about what we do. 


Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to help you.